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We have developed a CRM which is being used by the biggest airlines every day

Design UX/UI, design
ammotio preview ammotio preview ammotio preview

The Product.

Every airline company has to work with huge amounts of data. Managing data on such a large scale is only possible with a platform that can collect all the data, analyse it and allows for an effective work with them. Our job was to come up with a complete UX/UI solution and to redesign the old Ammotio system version. Compared to the original version, the new version brings many innovations which make the data work much more effective. And most importantly, it saves time.

That’s why a large number of airline companies rely on the Ammotio CRM system (ammotio = application in Latin).

timesheet timesheet timesheet timesheet timesheet


How do pilots record their work? It’s simple.

We have created an intuitive and comprehensive layout which allows all airline employees to create a simple timesheet. And all it takes is a few clicks.

Try it

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app detail app detail app detail


All costs in one place.

Our next important task was to create a new interface for a simple recording of the subcontractors’ costs. The user is able to see immediately what costs have been accepted or rejected and which are still in the approval process. This gives them an immediate overview of the current situation.

expenses screenshot expenses screenshot
app preview

However, filling in different forms may still be challenging and time-consuming for some users.

When developing the system, a positive user experience was our priority. We know that filling in forms is not a very popular activity, partially because the users are not always sure how to fill in the form properly. This results, among other things, in unnecessary mistakes, which complicate the whole data managing process.

So, we wanted to find a way to avoid these mistakes and to make the process as easy as possible for the user. The solution is a step-by-step guide which shows the user exactly what he is supposed to do.

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travel expenses screenshot travel expenses screenshot

Companies & Contractors

Functional overview and easy editing of the subcontractors

The airline companies’ employees deal with a massive amount of data and they work with the system we have developed all day. Therefore, it was crucial for us to make this work as easy for them as possible.

We are introducing the Split view mode.
A way to split the desktop into two workspaces.

split screen split screen split screen statistics statistics
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