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Order food from your device
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The Waiter.
Complete development
The Waiter iphone mockup
The Waiter iphone mockup
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The Client.

The Waiter is an application which allows ordering food in a restaurant and paying for it without having to wait for the actual waiter. It makes sharing moments among the guests in a restaurant easier than ever, and also offers open chat communication and lots of other benefits.

The client’s idea is to make the application accessible in the majority of the Czech Republic’s restaurants and subsequently expand into the foreign market.

The Product.

The objective was to provide the entire development and design of the application. Our team worked on a full-scale backend and frontend platform solution, which also included the process of connecting to a POS terminal with which The Waiter communicates.

The application is available on both iOS and Android.

The key phase of the realization was providing a functional prototype that allows people to order food in any restaurant via a single application. Intuitively. No waiter needed. No one has ever brought a similar idea to life, and there is currently not even a similar product on the market.

General partner of the project is AWIS holding a.s., which is the leading Czech manufacturer and supplier of modern POS terminals for gastronomy businesses. The API interface we designed makes their terminal able to communicate directly with all the devices connected to it via our application. A guest’s order goes straight to the kitchen, without a third-party, with just one click.

Order, easy and fast

The website’s direction
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The meal

Sharing individual experiences and chatting among the guests has never been easier.

Invite others for a drink. Get to know each other!

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Designed for all devices.

Smartphone. Tablet. Desktop.

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