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Who Are We?

Wonder Makers is a digital product studio based in the center of Prague, we specialize in cross-platform digital applications to provide a seamless user experience based on our strategy, design and technology.

What it's like to be a Wonder Maker?
What it's like to be a Wonder Maker?
So why work with us?

You'll be able to make a big impact on projects of all sizes in our team. Everyone who works with us will have an opportunity to make a real difference!

We're all about empowering our employees and allowing them to grow their worth. We don't only offer typical employee benefits, but thanks for being a part of our team you will get opportunities that can't be found anywhere else! 

Our customers are our priority. That's why we go above and beyond to make sure they're satisfied with every aspect of their experience, no matter if it is through our digital solutions or our top-notch customer care!

Our success is based on a mutual mindset of service quality and customer care. This isn't something easily imitated by competitors, as it's all about how you experience your time with us or with working for Wonder Makers itself

1. Quality

You as a Wonder Maker will always have the opportunity to grow and develop your skills within our team. We understand how important it is for us that our team keeps pushing themselves, so you can work on any area in your specific field without limitations or boundaries. We regularly send our team members to conferences and courses to assist their development. 

We love to give you the tools you need to succeed. It's good for our business, good for your skill set and team morale. Everybody wins!

2. Investment

You have our full confidence and support, Wonder Makers is a company that values trust and respect, we actively encourage honest, open communication on all levels, we have a flat hierarchy so your voice will always be heard! Our support does not end with providing tools but we believe in giving you ownership over your own tasks.

You can work when it suits you best. We believe in your skills and know that you are the right person for your job! Choose your own hours, vacation time and your home office schedule, so feel free to create a healthy balance between life’s obligations as well as your Wonder Makers projects.

3. Trust

We want you to feel valued, appreciated, and respected.Every person here shares the value of kindness. This atmosphere reflects exactly what we're all about at our core!

Our office is a dedicated pet-friendly environment. We're all about making sure you have enough quality time for rest, so this is the reason you won't find any mandatory energy drinks fridge in our kitchen to keep you going.

4. Culture

So you don't see a position below that matches your talents? However, you have the perfect skill set for us. That's okay! Apply with a Passion Pitch, you might be the right Wonder Maker for us!

What we say
Michal Boháč
Michal Boháč
Michal Boháč
Michal Boháč

Frontend developer

Wonder Makers is a digital product studio based in Prague specializing in cross-platform digital applications. We build digital products with speed and precision from start to finish and pride ourselves in A+ client care.

Our studio partners with promising startups and helps them grow while having a successful, proven track record in working with Fortune 500 companies and globally recognized NGOs. Our client portfolio reaches from Australia and Europe through to the United States.

Check our Dribbble portfolio.

🥷 Elevate your craft

We are seeking an experienced Frontend Developer with a strong foundation who is eager to take on projects that will challenge and push their abilities to new heights. Our focus is on designing visually appealing and engaging solutions and as part of our team, you will work on custom projects that are far from boring websites.

If you have a passion for continuous learning and growth in your craft, enjoy exploring new frameworks like Solid, Bun, Deno and are always curious about the latest technologies and ways to enhance your skills, then you would be an excellent fit for this role.

⚙️Required Expertise:

  • 3—5 years of experience
  • Fluency in English
  • Product-focused creative thinking
  • Knowledge of industry principles
  • Frameworks: Next.js (or SvelteKit)
  • Styles: TailwindCSS (or SCSS, WindiCSS, UnoCSS)

⚡️Preferred Skills:

  • three.js library
  • GSAP library
  • Webflow
  • Framer
  • React Native or Flutter
  • Framework 7
  • Experience with external databases: Firestore (or Prisma, Strapi, AppWrite, MongoDB, GraphQL, PocketBase…)

🔥We offer:

  • Paid vacation days
  • MacBook or Windows laptop, if required
  • External display and other accessories
  • Budget for international conferences
  • Coffee, tea, snacks and weekly lunches on Tuesdays
  • Dedicated weekly time to work on your own ideas
  • Big impact on international projects of all sizes
  • Positive attitude, active office life and a meaningful day
  • Office in the center of Prague with the oldest (originally preserved) painted ceiling

And to check out that ceiling or see what we’re up to, visit our 📱 Instagram